What should we do while the epidemic is under control

Apr 13, 2020

What should we do while the epidemic is under control

It is well known that the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplet transmission and contact, so as long as we mainly prevent these two modes of transmission, there is no need to panic.


First of all, go out to wear a mask, avoid unnecessary go out, if go out, in the outside, avoid crowded places, and others to maintain a safe distance, do not take off the mask outside, sneeze with tissue cover mouth and nose, the paper towel that use up does not throw randomly, when coming back, handle first best with plastic bag wrap, throw the rubbish bin of harmful rubbish. Then wash your hands. If in doubt, disinfect the room with disinfectant and 75% alcohol. Note that alcohol is flammable and should be used with care.


If you don't go out at home, you don't have to disinfect the room all the time, just keep it clean and well ventilated. Wash hands frequently, do exercise properly, do not stay up late, pay attention to balanced nutrition, enhance immunity.


During the epidemic, do not walk around, even if it is not seen for many years friends, or relatives, do not walk around, comply with local regulations, understanding and understanding of epidemic prevention personnel. I'm sure the outbreak will be over soon, and then we can go out.

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